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QS Enrolment Solutions helps you maximise student recruitment through lead scoring and marketing nurture programmes.
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Maximise your student recruitment with a range of specialist services from QS Enrolment Solutions. From data driven insights and high-quality lead generation, to optimised communications and student conversion – whatever your needs – QS Enrolment Solutions can help you meet your student recruitment objectives.

Lead scoring and marketing nurture programmes

Do your marketing communications achieve industry-leading open and click-through rates?

Using the latest marketing automation software and insights from managing more than 1 million emails to students each year, QS Enrolment Solutions creates highly targeted and timely marketing communication programmes to maximise your applications and enrolment. Using dynamic content, behavioural targeting and send-time optimisation, we offer marketing communications superior to your competitors, nurturing your prospective students at every stage in their decision-making process. For best practices in marketing automation download the free guide Student Recruitment: Automated Success – Using Marketing Automation to Engage and Convert Students.


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