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Maximise student recruitment with QS Enrolment Solutions' specialist market research, data analysis and industry benchmarking.
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Maximise your student recruitment with a range of specialist services from QS Enrolment Solutions. From data driven insights and high-quality lead generation, to optimised communications and student conversion – whatever your needs – QS Enrolment Solutions can help you meet your student recruitment objectives.

Market research, data analysis and industry benchmarking

Do you have the necessary insights to maximise your student recruitment?

QS Enrolment Solutions offers specialist primary and secondary market research services for universities and industry bodies, enhancing your understanding of student and industry changes. With the expectations of students changing, and the decision-making processes of prospective students being more complex than ever, market research and sophisticated data analysis can help you stand out from the crowd and maximise your student enrolment.

We provide stand-alone data analysis services using your own recruitment and conversion data, benchmarking you against market data to help you understand how your recruitment efforts and conversion compare.


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