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Work with QS Enrolment Solutions to increase student satisfaction and minimise attrition rates
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Maximise your student recruitment with a range of specialist services from QS Enrolment Solutions. From data driven insights and high-quality lead generation, to optimised communications and student conversion – whatever your needs – QS Enrolment Solutions can help you meet your student recruitment objectives.

Increase student engagement, success and minimise attrition rates

Are you able to identify early signs of student disengagement and make timely referrals to your support services to maximise participation and retention?

QS Enrolment Solutions’ Engagement and Retention teams monitor a combination of digital behaviour and experiential, behavioural and demographic indicators to identify high-risk and disengaged students. Through personalised communications and 1-1 conversations, the experienced advisors quickly build rapport, elicit potential issues in real time and make referrals to the relevant support services available at the institution. Advisors provide continued follow up and guidance to students as they need.

Our Student Engagement and Retention service allows you to proactively help students transition and succeed as well as increase your student satisfaction and retention rates.


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