Maximise your student recruitment with a range of specialist services from QS Enrolment Solutions. From data driven insights and high-quality lead generation, to optimised communications and student conversion – whatever your needs – QS Enrolment Solutions can help you meet your student recruitment objectives.

Lead scoring and marketing nurture programmes

Do your marketing communications achieve industry-leading open and click-through rates?

Using the latest marketing automation software and insights from managing more than 1 million emails to students each year, QS Enrolment Solutions creates highly targeted and timely marketing communication programmes to maximise your applications and enrolment.

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Market research, data analysis and industry benchmarking

Do you have the necessary insights to maximise your student recruitment?

QS Enrolment Solutions offers specialist primary and secondary market research services for universities and industry bodies, enhancing your understanding of student and industry changes. With the expectations of students changing, and the decision-making processes of prospective students being more complex than ever, market research and sophisticated data analysis can help you stand out from the crowd and maximise your student enrolment.

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Enquiry management and application services

Are you offering prospective students the best possible service from initial contact through to application?

The expectations of prospective students are higher than ever, requiring highly personalised communications and a rapid response. QS Enrolment Solutions offers an optimal communication experience to help nurture your prospective students from enquiry to application.

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Are you offering students a rapid turnaround time for processing applications?

QS Enrolment Solutions’ Admissions Assessors manage each application using a sophisticated, bespoke admissions CRM that seamlessly automates workflow between the assessors and the university. They match student qualifications to university requirements, including English language proficiency, prior qualifications and work experience. For every application, you can expect the highest of international standards in assessment together with timely and personalised responses.

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Offer management and conversion to enrolment

With students receiving multiple offers, how do you maximise the likelihood of them choosing your institution?

QS Enrolment Solutions offers a proactive and personalised approach to engage your offer holders, providing an exceptional level of customer service and support, to help your institution stand out from the crowd. Using soft-sell methodology helps maximise enrolment, as well as providing you with essential insights on barriers to conversion.

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Increase student satisfaction and minimise attrition rates

Are you able to identify and target ‘at risk’ students, to increase retention through dedicated support services?

QS Enrolment Solutions’ Engagement and Retention team identifies ‘at risk’ students through monitoring a combination of digital behaviour, as well as experiential, behavioural and demographic indicators. Through targeted and triggered communication with these students, the team is able to eliminate potential issues in real time, and refer them to the best on-campus support services, in order to increase engagement and maximise retention.

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International Student Survey

QS Enrolment Solutions’ International Student Survey is the world’s largest survey of prospective international students. Each year QS Enrolment Solutions surveys tens of thousands of students around the world who are considering studying outside of their home country — providing a unique insight into their motivations, decision-making processes and communications preferences.

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