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17th March 2018

Europe gaining on UK for study abroad students

Last year a survey by what was then Hobsons Solutions, now QS Enrolment Solutions, showed 78% of EU students surveyed were interested in the idea, with most favouring studying at a British university branch campus in another EU country than their own so they still got the full study abroad experience. This year, the figure dropped to 62%.
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16th March 2018

New Research Reveals Significant Market Potential For Universities That Offer Integrated Undergraduate And Master’s Degrees To UK Students

Prospective students in the UK have revealed how they feel about the UK’s higher education offer as part of the Domestic Student Survey 2018 released today from QS Enrolment Solutions (Formerly Hobsons Solutions), the student recruitment and retention solutions company. The new and unique research is the first of its kind to understand the decision-making criteria that UK students consider when deciding which university they enrol at.
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22nd January 2018

TEF confusion needs to be addressed

More needs to be done to ensure international students have a clear understanding of how metrics such as the Teaching Excellence Framework operate to ensure they benefit both students and universities, director of Marketing & Market Intelligence at QS Paul Raybould has said.
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19th January 2018

Some UK universities are shaking off the Brexit blues

Universities in the United Kingdom are shaking off their Brexit blues and forging new partnerships with their counterparts around the world, including with higher education institutions inside the European Union, a London conference on the future of transnational education heard.
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15th December 2017

UK: Two-year degrees “won’t represent value” to int’l students

The UK Government plans to introduce £11,100-a-year tuition fees for two-year degrees in a move it insists will save students around 20% overall. However, a recent survey revealed a low recognition of the value of accelerated degrees among international students, despite the fact that they would likely experience a reduced cost of living from fewer years studying.
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29th November 2017

Universities must listen to what international students think about value for money

As HEPI’s latest report on research funding showed, international students provide a vital source of research funding. On average, over the duration of their degree, each non-EU student contributes over £8,000 to UK research. With international student numbers under threat by strategic challenges, this is not guaranteed to continue in the future at the same level.
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9th November 2017

Most students don’t see value of two-year UG degrees

The new research, released by QS Enrolment Solutions, the student recruitment and retention solutions company, surveyed more than 2,700 international students who are considering or already studying in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
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7th November 2017

International students do not value two-year degrees, study shows

The study, conducted by QS Enrolment Solutions, found the majority of international students who are considering or already studying in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, are not positive about the concept of two-year degrees.
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31st October 2017

UK HE ‘value for money’ say intn’l students

International students who are either already studying in the UK, or considering doing so, think British higher education is good value for money, according to new research released by QS Enrolment Solutions. 59% of respondents said they believed the UK to be a good value-for-money study destination.
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20th October 2017

UK: Why do foreign students care about TEF?

When you’re not a local, you lack the signals and information needed to help you decide what and where to study. A person born and raised in Bristol would already have a good understanding of what the city is like and what the universities in the area have to offer.
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12th October 2017

QS serves to expand its business prominently through the acquisition of Hobsons Solutions

QS reckons to have a significant business expansion following its recent announcement of a merger with Hobsons Solutions. It also added a total of 193 employees to its organisation globally. Hobsons Solutions will now be named as QS Enrolment Solutions.
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6th October 2017

QS acquires Hobsons Solutions in major merger

QS has announced today that it has acquired Hobsons Solutions, in a major acquisition that significantly expands the size of the QS business and adds 193 staff to its global teams. Hobsons Solutions is a distinct product line that was run by Hobsons via three offices in London, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne, offering student engagement and enrolment services to a global client base.
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23rd August 2017

Everything You Need to Know About the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

After the release, a QS Enrolment Solution survey revealed many international students are confused over several aspects of the TEF, with only 21.2 percent reporting an understanding of the scheme. However, despite this misunderstanding, the survey surprisingly revealed most of these students would still use the TEF ratings when deciding on a university.
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17th August 2017

Student Immigration: The Gamble of Going Abroad

A month after the Brexit vote, QS Enrolment Solutions conducted a survey of prospective international students. About one-third said that they were less likely to apply to a UK institution given the Brexit vote.
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2nd August 2017

Summing Up Motivations for Study Abroad

Why do students study abroad, and what drives them to choose one destination over another? Several large studies conducted over the past couple of years show that certain motivations are widely present among students the world over.
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27th July 2017

UK: Singapore Peak for Online Degree Study

Singapore and Hong Kong head up the league table for full-online UK degree study by overseas students in 2015/16. Nigeria, Malaysia and the US follow, with growth in these countries being attributed to greater digital connectivity as well as demands for flexible learning.
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26th July 2017

Most Foreign Students Don’t Understand TEF – Survey

International students are confused over several aspects of the UK’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) scheme, found a survey released by international student recruitment firm QS Enrolment Solutions EMEA last week.
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24th July 2017

International and EU Students in Higher Education in the UK FAQs

This House of Commons briefing paper answers some frequently asked questions about international and EU students in the UK. It sets out statistics in this area and outlines policy issues including the potential impact of Brexit and the net migration target on international and EU student recruitment.
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21st July 2017

Survey Reveals Most International Students Confused by UK’s TEF

Just one in five prospective international students have heard of the UK’s Teaching Excellence Framework and of those who have, almost 80% incorrectly believe it measures the teaching quality of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
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19th July 2017

Russell Group: ‘Simplistic’ TEF Could Hit Overseas Recruitment

The survey of more than 3,000 international students, conducted by the education consultancy company QS Enrolment Solutions after the release of the inaugural TEF results on 22 June, found that just 21.2% of respondents had heard of the TEF.
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6th July 2017

Renew Lobbying Efforts, Says #WeAreInternational

The creators of the UK’s #WeAreInternational campaign have urged the higher education sector to refresh its commitment to change the government’s policy around international student visas.
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27th June 2017

How PR Can Play Its Part in Responding to an Uncertain World

With political and economic uncertainty disrupting universities and students alike, now is an important time to assess what public relations professionals in education can do to ensure the success of the sector.
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6th June 2017

Why Do Students Go to University and How Do They Choose Which One?

High-quality teaching and the availability of scholarships were two of the most important factors that students looked at when choosing a university, according to this year’s International Student Survey.
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18th May 2017

Trump No Obstacle for Chinese Students Going to US Schools

The number of Chinese students who want to attend US colleges and universities is on the rise – a surprising outcome, given the impact the election of Donald Trump as president has had on the country’s higher education sector, a report by Vision Overseas Consulting Co (VOC) and Kantar Millward Brown reveals.
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17th May 2017

How Do We Show International Students They’re Still Welcome in the UK?

When the government decided against excluding international students from immigration targets through the Higher Education and Research Act, the higher education sector reacted with dismay.
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17th May 2017

Playing the Trump Card: UK Universities Set to Gain in the Race to Attract International Students

Strategic issues - from the UK’s Referendum on the European Union to the US Presidential election last year - have the potential to influence where international students choose to study.
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10th May 2017

Survey Finds Prospective Students Put the Emphasis on Welcome and Teaching Quality

Hobsons International Student Survey reveals welcoming atmosphere and teacher quality are most important factors in deciding where to study.
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3rd May 2017

What Do Students Really Think of Brexit?

Hobsons research reveals views of international students on Brexit, Trump, and the importance of 'welcoming' campaigns
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1st May 2017

Universities’ Push to Undo Brexit’s Damage Pays Off – Survey [Subscription]

Brexit’s effect in making Britain seem unwelcome to prospective students planning to study in the UK is now on the wane as efforts by universities and advocates to convince them otherwise are beginning to show results, a new survey reveals.
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30th April 2017

TEF Ratings Set to Shape International Student Choice – Survey

UK universities' ratings in the teaching excellence framework (TEF) are likely to be a key factor in prospective international students' decisions about where to study, while the negative impact of Brexit on recruitment is waning, according to research.
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27th April 2017

Brexit Concerns Waning among Prospective Students, Survey Suggests

Responses to the International Student Survey by Hobsons show 68.5% of prospective students say the EU referendum results had little impact on their interest to study in the UK.
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4th April 2017

A Branch Campus is for Life, Not Just for Brexit

A recent survey of potentially mobile international students by Hobsons showed that there was potentially significant demand for branch campus provision in post-Brexit Europe should a UK university decide to open one.
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1st April 2017

UK Universities Told to Put Local Before Global Post-Brexit [Subscription]

UK universities have been urged to prioritise their “local responsibilities” above their international links post-Brexit – but one vice-chancellor believes that more overseas campuses will “inevitably” be part of institutions’ plans.
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1st April 2017

First UK-EU Branch Campus Post-Brexit under Consideration [Subscription]

Collaboration between King’s College London and a leading German university is set to result in the establishment of the first offshore campus of a UK higher education institution to be set up on the Continent in the wake of the country’s vote to leave the European Union.
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1st April 2017

Brexit Leads to the EU Transcampus [Subscription]

King’s College London is on course to win the race to be the first British university to set up a post-Brexit campus in the EU. Collaboration between the college and TU Dresden, in the middle of “Silicon Saxony”, is likely to result in a new site for the London institution in Germany.
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28th March 2017

UK Government Signals Increasing Emphasis on Transnational Education

With international enrolment in the UK essentially flat over the last three years, it is not surprising that UK educators and policymakers alike are placing greater emphasis on transnational education (TNE) going forward.
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23rd March 2017

Foreign Students Say ‘Oui’ to EU Branch of UK Universities

Prospective students are keen to study at branch campuses of UK universities located in the European Union, with Paris emerging as the top favourite spot, the Times Higher Education (THE) reports. According to a new survey by student recruitment and retention solutions company Hobsons, most prospective recruits both based in and out of the EU, would be “very likely or somewhat likely” to pick an EU outpost of a UK university.
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