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We’re looking for people to join the team who are as passionate as we are in the international education recruitment space. We love what we do, accept people for who they are, work hard and our people and culture are second to none. If this sounds like you, we hope you’ll join us.

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How we care for our Team


If you love to travel, you’ll fit right in. Sometimes we offer staff opportunities to work closely with colleagues in the UK and Australia offices. Some staff also have the opportunity to attend QS events in the Middle East, China and the rest of Asia.


Our pantry is fully stocked with fresh fruit, milk of various kinds, oatmeal, endless herbal teas, coffee and the Malaysians’ favourite: Milo. There are microwaves (yes, plural), oven and toaster if you need to use them.


Our Wellness team has a packed schedule of activities throughout the year. We celebrate Malaysia’s major festivals such as Chinese New Year, Eid, Diwali and Christmas, we organise games, and hold parties and talks for your soul’s nourishment. Sometimes we give you space and share useful articles and tips via email.


QS Enrolment Solutions supports ongoing learning, professional and personal development of our people. We have invested in LinkedIn Learning as our key platform, with learning pathways designed for specific roles.


We believe in being flexible. If you need to work around school drop off’s and pick up’s or go to a doctor’s appointment, we get it. You’ll benefit from short working hours (7.5 hours a day) and short breaks in between work. Furthermore, flexible working hours and WFH are an option – simply have a chat to your manager beforehand and see how we can support you.


When staff refer friends or family for a vacant position, we love it! You’ll receive cash rewards for full time or casual positions filled.


We have supported our charity Plan for over a decade and have achieved a huge amount of fundraising and support efforts over the years that we are super proud of. We run fundraising events throughout the year with another epic 2019 calendar schedule. Our most recent project is against child marriage, and our recent projects have supported girls in Vietnam to get safe transportation to school.


Paid parental leave entitlements for primary and non-primary care givers. QSES is family friendly and welcome your new family aboard too.


Remember the short breaks in between work that we encourage? One place you can go to step away is our Zen Corner. It is a designated quiet space in our office where employees can take a mental break when they need to. This space is uncluttered and free of all company materials. It is filled with plants, a comfortable couch and bean bags, and reading material.


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